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        chinadaily.com.cn 2019-02-27 15:17

        Uber logo is seen on an android mobile phone. [Photo/IC]

        >Startup's name decides funding
        A study published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Venture Capital has found that a startup's name can seriously affect how a company is perceived by investors. Names that are easily pronounced, such as Uber and Lyft, are preferred by both early and late stage investors. They tend to be offered more money, whether it's through crowd funders, angel investors, VCs or IPO investors. Uniqueness is also a virtue, but only with early-stage investors. The study found that since very little is known about a company in the early stages, unique names give the impression there is something special about the company. But don't go registering for that unintelligible URL just yet: The novelty wears off by later stages, when unique names can make investors feel uncomfortable. Think about now-shuttered companies like Xobni, which was purchased in 2013 by Yahoo for $60m, before being shut down just one year later.


        Meghan Markle [Photo/IC]

        >Meghan's child is a girl?
        Meghan Markle has said the birth of her first child is going to be a surprise, but if the decorations at her lavish baby shower are any indication, she may be welcoming a little girl. Decorations for the exclusive fête, which is reportedly being co-hosted by Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, began arriving in The Mark hotel, and there was plenty of pink - from the blush-colored roses to the cotton candy machine that was brought into the hotel. Dozens of light-pink roses were carried into the venue, and those weren't the only floral arrangements of that color to be seen. Even some of the guests who attended the shower were donning the color. Gayle King was seen arriving in a bright pink dress and pastel-colored heels. Amal Clooney stood out in a red jumpsuit and gold heels, and while it wasn't pink, the color could easily be associated with a baby girl.



        >Rules to curb discrimination
        China's nine central government departments have released a guideline to further prevent discrimination against women in the job market. When looking for a new employee, employers cannot restrict nor reject women based on their gender, unless in some occupations required to do so by a state decree, according to the guideline, introduced by a collection of departments including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Welfare and Ministry of Education. Employers should not ask potential female employees about their plans to be married or have children, and any job related health tests should not test for pregnancy, the guideline said. Employers will be summoned for a talk with authorities and urged to change their employment practices if they are found to have engaged in gender discrimination. Judicial assistance will be provided to women who suffer from gender discrimination in the process of looking for a job.


        Kim Jong-un, top leader of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), arrives at the DPRK embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam on Feb 26, 2019. [Photo by Liao Yanxiong/China Daily]

        >Kim reaches Hanoi for talks
        Kim Jong-un, top leader of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) arrived in Vietnam on Tuesday at 8:15 am (local time). Kim's train stopped at Dong Dang station in northeast Vietnam, from where he took a car to Hanoi, about three-hour drive. Meanwhile, sources said that US President Donald Trump's Air Force One is expected to land at Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport on Tuesday evening. Trump and Kim are expected to begin two days of meetings in Hanoi starting with a joint dinner on Wednesday, multiple sources said. Vietnam has cordoned off areas near its JW Marriott, Melia Hotel and the Hoan Kiem Lake for security reasons and restricted traffic on Tuesday. The JW Marriott is believed to be the top choice for Trump to stay at while the Melia is viewed as the likely hotel for Kim.

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